• Australian Lawyers' Pay Equity Gap

    Legal diversity, gender equity - what about pay equity?  According to a survey in Australia female lawyers are way  behind their male colleagues in terms of pay - earning as little as two thirds. Experts surveyed said it was largely because woman lawyers tend to undervalue themselves and their skillsets, which places the law profession behind management consulting, accounting, retail and mining in terms of a ...

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  • Arrogance or Necessity: The Rushed Privacy Law

    Many are criticising the "rush" towards enhanced spying powers and the lack of judicial oversight or involvement in the proposed new laws. The Listener editorial took aim at the "bulldozing" going on prior to Christmas.  Is this rush necessary and will it lead to further bad law? The day after National won its third term, John Key warned his Government against displays of arrogance ...

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  • Predatory Lawyer Milne Gets 8 Years' Jail

    79 year old lawyer John David Milne received a jail sentence of more than 8 years for offences described by the Crown as "predatory" and involving a former lawyer who was a "consummate thief and liar". Milne, a former Dunedin lawyer, had solicited funds from clients for more than 20 years on the basis that he would invest them for the clients when he ...

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  • How Did The Grand Jury Reach its Decision?

    Violence in Ferguson and debate in legal and political circles across America have many wondering how the grand jury reached its decision not to recommend charges against Darren Wilson. So how did the jury get to reach that decision?  Apart from the fact that most of us will never know, given the secrecy with which grand juries deliberate, the WSJ looked at some of ...

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