• Would You Study Law Again?

    Would you study law again if you knew what you know now?  It's a question asked about many professions and Australian law news site "Lawyers Weekly" tossed it out on their Facebook page. Well, would you? What did Lawyers Weekly readers have to say? They report that they were "stunned by the overwhelming number of highly polarised" replies they received with their lawyer ...

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  • The Downside of Marketing Your Firm Too Hard

    Marketing your law firm online is a smart way to do business - but when you brag about how successful you are it can also have a downside. Take UK lawyers Elaine Hurn, 57 and partner Tony Cattherall of Taylors of Blackburn, a legal firm that talks of their clients and their own desire to live in the Elysee Palace as well as their love ...

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  • Tony Ellis' Ratbag Client List . . And Why He Loves It

    Civil rights lawyer Tony Ellis may not cut the dash of some of the country's more  flamboyant criminal lawyers, but the man who has raised his head above the parapet is not interested in either public profile or even profits, really. Which is why the civil rights lawyer representing possibly the most reprehensible person in New Zealand, recaptured murderer and rapist Phillip John ...

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  • Mai Chen's Silicon Valley Pilgrimage: And What It Means for Lawyers

    Public law specialist Mai Chen has built a big profile with her boutique practice, started 20 years ago with Sir Geoffrey Palmer, and a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, including a proliferation of boutique law firms and rapid changes in technology.  As part of the NZ Global Women group, Mai Chen visited the name more synonymous with change and ...

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