• Mike Pero Upset with Buddle Findlay

    Buddle Findlay have been having some trouble with former clients of late. First George Kerr's litigation and now Mr Mortgage Mike Pero is upset that the law firm is now representing a former partner of Pero's in a shareholder dispute between the two. Buddle Findlay formerly acted for Pero. Pero is chief executive of Mike Pero Real Estate and founded the current ...

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  • Buddle Findlay Prevented From Acting on George Kerr Matter

    Buddle Findlay have been prevented from acting in a case involving former client, George Kerr and a $38 million lawsuit against a Cayman Islands fund. Justice Murray Gilbert issued the order this week, making the order because Buddle Findlay had acted for Mr Kerr who had been a major firm client Stuff.co.nz report that Buddle Findlay had acted for Kerr and related ...

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  • Motherhood, Female Partners and Gender Diversity in NZ Law FIrms

    Do mothers make better lawyers?  An Australian survey has found that three quarters of respondents think female lawyers who take time off would not make partner. The issue of women in law in New Zealand has been a vexed and controversial one, just as it has been in most overseas jurisdictions, despite the efforts of many firms to enhance the role of women in ...

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  • The Law Jobs Pay Packets in London

    The US law firms in London are outpacing their Magic Circle counterparts when it comes to law jobs' pay, according to current research. A new survey shows that US firms operating in London offer higher pay packets than their UK counterparts andthe result is they are stealing more top, legal talent. The junior law market is being swayed by richer US firms - the top ...

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