• New QC Sets a Few Records

     Dunedin barrister Anita Chan has become the first kiwi Asian to be appointed a Queens Counsel, appointed in the last round and elevated to her new role at the Dunedin High Court last Friday.  She was also the second woman appointed to the role in Otago, following Judith Ablett-Kerr QC and, as the ODT point out, only the second appointed in Otago at all ...

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  • Gone by Lunchtime

    Justice Mnister Judith Collins has resigned following a leaked email showing she may have been involved in attempts to undermine former SFO boss Simon Feeley, when she was Minister responsible for the SFO.  Her position will be taken by Attorney General Chris Finlayson QC and the Prime Minister said at his Saturday press conference that she would not be a minister in any future ...

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  • Court of Appeal Rejects Dotcom Asset Privacy Bid

    . Last month, Justice Courtney ordered him to make full disclosure of all his assets, including where they are and what they are worth. Dotcom's lawyers had argued that disclosing his assets breached his privacy and they requested that the Court of Appeal stop the legal action proceeding.  However, Justices Stevens, White and Miller found that the list was a necessary part of an ...

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  • Young Lawyers Are Here (Phew!)

    The NZ Law Society reports that the customised data from the 2013 Census indicates that while 43% of male lawyers were aged 44 or under, 71% of female lawyers were in that age bracket. Of all New Zealanders aged 15 and over in employment at the Census, 53% were aged 44 or under, with roughly equal proportions of men and women. Women currently make ...

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