• Juries in the Internet Age

    Getting tough on jurors who undertake their own, online research into defendants could result in their taking their own place in the dock under new law changes proposed by the Law Commission. As reported earlier by LawFuel, the issue is the subject of discussion in the UK at the meeting of attorneys general from five jurisdictions, including the US, UK, Australa and Canada. The ...

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  • Law Recruiter's Non-News News

    NZ Legal consultant Robert Walters has revealed a shortage of lawyers in New Zealand at the three to six year level, although LawFuel's law job listings continue to show interesting roles for kiwi lawyers. The report by the law recruiters showed there is a gap in the market for lawyers in the 3-6 PQE level across all levels mainly as a result of ...

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  • The Law Jobs Offered By The New Age of the Freelance Lawyer

    The life of a freelance lawyer is something that appeals to increasing numbers of lawyers in times of law jobtightening and - more importantly perhaps - with new law firms catering for lawyers who like the freelance life. The PCG, being the largest association of professionals in the EU showed that over 1.3 million freelancers operatein the UK and freelancing has become the norm for ...

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  • Labour's Proposed Inquisatorial Justice System

    A move towards an inquisatorial system of justice is required under a Labour proposal to reform the criminal justice system along the lines suggested by former National Justice Minister Simon Power. The suggested changes would mean a rape accused would need to prove consent in order to be found innocent, which is a massive shift from anything provided under current law. Labour's proposal ...

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