Top Legal Lineup For Common Law Conference

posted by lawfueleditors
, on May 21

An impressive line-up of high-powered speakers will address the Legal Research Foundation’s Mapping the Common Law conference to be held in Auckland on Friday, June 29, 2102, including professor of Legal History at Queen Mary University, Michael Lobban.

The seminar, subtitled Testing the boundaries between contract, tort, restitution and equity, isthe Foundation’s major event for 2012 and will be of interest to the judiciary, to common law practitioners and to legal philosophers.

The symposium will examine the classification of the common law with the aim of exploring how and why the law organises itself in this way. Common law and equity are classified into super types, including tort, contract, restitution and equitable claims, as well as subtypes, such as trespass, negligence and detinue.

Professor of Legal History at Queen Mary University, London, Michael Lobban will speak about the historical origins of the classifications.

Professor Lobban is one of the authors of The Oxford History of the Laws of England, Vols XI-XIII, as well as the author of The Common Law and English Jurisprudence, 1760-1850.

The seminar aims to consider the problems of concurrent liability and cross-fertilisation of concepts, as well as flaws and tensions in the current classifications. Predictions will also be made about what changes might be expected in future.

Professor Peter Watts of the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Law will deliver a paper entitled The current classification of the common law: orthodox and unorthodox views.

The morning will be rounded out with an address by Cary C Boshamer Professor of Philosophy and Law at the University of North Carolina, Gerald Postema. His paper will examine how case reasoning produces classifications.

Source: Law News